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Attorney Profile

A good law firm comes from good and competent lawyers. Wen Wu Law Office has qualified attorneys and affiliated lawyers licensed in the jurisdictions of US, Canada, Australia and China. All of us have multiple degrees. The expertise of our team and our commitment to the justice enable us to provide the quality services to you at a very reasonable price.

We are a very unique team. Our uniqueness comes from our diverse background, extensive education and extraordinary hard working.

Wen Wu, Esq.

Attorney-at-Law, New York
Barrister and Solicitor, The Law Society of Upper Canada

Wen Wu, Esq. has years of progressive legal and business experiences. He graduated in China with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature in 1985 and then studied in various advanced programs. From 1993, he went to Australia to pursue more advanced academic trainings such as MBA and Master of Business by Research in the Victoria University in Australia. He joined an international business research centre in Victoria University in Australia focusing on developing international business in Asian region. He involved in many business projects and provided assistance and consulting services to regional and global corporations. In 1997, he came to Canada before he finished the study in Australia and chosen to enter into the Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia with an award of prestigious Scholarship of the Law Foundation of British Columbia. In 2000, he graduated from the University of British Columbia with a LL.B. degree.

In 2000, following the graduation from the law school, Wen Wu, Esq. worked for a US multinational public company. He provided legal assistance in the matter of US corporate and securities law, Canadian corporate and business law, immigration and employment law and China business and commercial law.

In 2001, Wen Wu Esq. articled with an Ontario law firm. He practiced in corporate/business law, non-profit law, intellectual property and other areas. He subsequently passed the notorious New York state bar admission examination on his first trial with ease and was dully called into New York State bar as a licensed attorney in New York state and before USA federal courts.

In 2002, Wen Wu Esq. finished articles and the Bar Admission Course and was called into the Bar of Ontario as a barrister and solicitor in the province of Ontario.

Currently, he is a member of the following professional associations:

· New York State Bar Association
· The Law Society of Upper Canada
· Canadian Bar Association
. Ontario Bar Association
· American Bar Association

Wen Wu, Esq. is the principal lawyer and partner (when more partners join the firm) responsible for managing the practice of the law office. He is also responsible for coordinating all international projects involving foreign jurisdictions.

Contact: wenwu@wwulawfirm.com

Lawrence J. Horowitz, B.A., LL.B.
Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public, Ontario, Canada

Lawrence J. Horowitz graduated from York University, Toronto, with a BA in History in 1997. He was accepted to Osgoode Hall Law School and was student there for three years until his graduation in 2001, where he received his LL.B. He accepted an articling position with a Toronto law firm in 2001.

In 2002 Lawrence completed his articles and the bar admissions course of the
Law Society of Upper Canada, and he was called as a member of Ontario bar in October 2002.

Before joining Wen Wu Law Firm, Lawrence practised law with a Toronto law firm, focusing in litigations especially in commercial area.

Contact: lawrence@wwulawfirm.com


Jingrong Liu
Attorney-at-Law, People's Republic of China

Jingrong Liu is our affiliated senior foreign legal expert in China. Mr. Liu graduated from Jiling University, China with Bachelor of Law and Master of Law degrees. From 1995 to 1997, he studied in the Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia and obtained his second LLM degree in 1997. Following his study in UBC, Jingrong Liu subsequently became a partner of Beijing Jingtian Law Firm and later a senior partner of Global Law Office of which both are ranked by the England International Law Review as top 5 Chinese law firms specialized in international business, investment and trade in Greater China. Jingrong Liu is a licensed lawyer in the Peoples Republic of China and practices in corporate, business, commercial, securitization, investment and trade in China and nearby regions.

Mr. Liu's expertise includes: intellectual property law in China, securitization, international finance, trade and investment, and merger and acquisition in China.

David K. Carlile
Barrister and Solicitor, Victoria, Australia

David Carlile is the affiliated foreign lawyer in Australia. Mr. Carlile obtained a LL.B. degree from the Faculty of Law, Monash University, Australia in 1994. In 1996, he became a barrister and solicitor in the Province of Victoria, Australia. Now he is practicing in Melbourne.


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