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Affiliated and partnered with law firms and lawyers in Canada, USA, Australia and China, we provide major western countries' immigration services to global clients. With the demand for qualified professionals in the workforce outstripping the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand's' ability to produce well-trained workers in sufficient numbers, business and industry are increasingly looking toward foreign countries to supply credentialed employees. More and more immigration families, after settled down in these western countries, are looking for the opportunities to sponsor their family members. As a natural outgrowth of its strong corporate practice and family reunion demand, We Wu Law Office has developed a comprehensive immigration practice to assist clients to immigrate to and work in the western countries.

The principal focus of our immigration practice is to assist clients to obtain various immigration or non-immigration visas. Therefore, the step we will take is to determine with the client which approach best suits the client. In other words, which visa category or country best suit your needs. Once such a determination is made, we will work with you and the Immigration and Citizenship Canada, the USCIS, the United States Department of Labour (DOL), Australia Immigration and Multiculturalism Department, New Zealand Immigration Services. We will work with you throughout the whole application process. (Contact Us)




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