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Firm Overview

Wen Wu Law Office, was established by Wen Wu Esq., with the commitment to provide high quality yet affordable legal services to groups of people who are underrepresented in Canada, US and World, and represent local clients and to facilitate the global business activities. We provide legal services in the area of general corporate matters, international business transactions, commercial litigation, arbitration, family laws, real estate transactions, world-wide immigration and other legal matters. Its practice is diverse and sophisticated. Our clients include local, international, public, private, state owned entities and individuals around the world.

International practice is the foundation of our firm and we have been involved in business transactions in North America and Greater China region. We provide a full range of immigration services for business and non-business clients from virtually every corner of the world. We have affiliated law firms or licensed lawyers in Canada, US, People's Republic of China and Australia.

Honesty and diligence are the backbone of our firm. We are a group of people who achieved success with ongoing diligence and commitment. Our firm is distinguished not only by the scope of our legal advisory services, but more importantly by our philosophy: we are here to help people by using our unique background, legal expertise and passion for the justice.

Affiliated foreign firms and lawyers:

          Jingrong Liu
          Lawyer of PR of China

David Carlile Law Office
Melbourne, Australia




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