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With prohibitive taxation, control of private capital and travel restrictions becoming more prevalent in many parts of the world, people of substance are seeking alternatives to enable them to protect their assets and income and to travel more freely throughout the world. We act for a number of Caribbean and Pacific countries to provides economic citizenship services to a limited number of qualified applicants through government sponsored investment legislation. The major purpose for each individual country is to accelerate the development of a particular industry and stimulate its economy. The program usually provides for Citizenship, Passports, and Permanent Residence in these countries.


Tax Advantage - these countries providing economic citizenship programs are normally a tax heaven concerning offshore personal income, capital gains, estate tax, etc.

Citizenship and Duel Citizenship-for applicant and eligible family members.

No Residence Requirement - unlike most western countries, economic citizenship does not have residence requirement. It is fast and easy to establish a dual citizenship.

Passports-fast to get a passport.

International Travel-to approximately 80 countries including Switzerland, Canada,?Visa countries of Europe, and most British Commonwealth member countries. Where a visa is required, they are relatively easy to obtain.

Investment Requirements Investment requirements vary from one country to another. Usually, we offer block fee options which include application, legal, processing and investment fees. We will assess the fee before we start to process the case. If the case is not successful, we will refund the fee subject to the deduction of a 15% processing fee.

Documentation Requirements

While we will ensure the legal compliance and proper application procedures, we need a number of documents from you in representing your application. You are expected to assist the application by actively obtaining these documents. It is your responsibilities to obtain and produce these documents. Failure to get these documents will jeopardize your own application.

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